Baby Development and Weight 10 Months

The little one is 10 months old? Following the development and weight of a normal 10-month baby. Pay attention to physical changes and the development of abilities that occur in children to monitor their normal growth and development. Month after month passed. Little is getting bigger, healthier, and smarter every day. At this age also the Little One has started babbling and learning to walk. Next is the development and weight of a 10-month-old baby that you can make a comparison. Physical Development and Ability of a 10-Month Baby Weight The standard weight of a 10-month baby can be distinguished according to the sex of the Little One. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), baby boys aged 10 are said to have a normal body weight if it ranges from 9-11 kilograms, while girl babies range from 8.5 kg to 10 kg. The speed of weight gain in infants varies, this is influenced by the history of birth, whether your child is born prematurely or not, nutritional intake factors
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